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Giving To Support the COPD Community

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As COPD Awareness Month comes to a close, the COPD community reflects on the successes we have achieved in 2016.

Strides in research for improved therapies, creation of the National COPD Action Plan, advocacy for improved access to life-saving treatments, and support provided to more than 25,000 members on - these are just a few ways we have striven to help you and millions affected by COPD.

"COPD360social has been a life-line for me. I have found needed info and made new friends who understand. I no longer feel alone. Thank you all," COPD360social member, Bon Bon.

Take Action for COPD Giving Tuesday Help us be a life-line to others.

Give the gift of better breathing. Your financial support will help us run our research and advocacy programs that will lift this silent epidemic out of the shadows and bring us closer to a cure. Most of all, your gift will allow us to provide our free education and community outreach services to those who currently live with COPD.

Donating is easier than ever before by using our new Apple Pay option! Learn more.

If you are online, leave us a comment or tweet us @COPDFoundation using hashtag #donate on Facebook or Twitter. Once posted, you will receive an auto-reply with a 60-second form to complete the process.

On behalf of the the global COPD community, thank you for helping us create pathways to a cure for COPD. Take action today to breathe better tomorrow.

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Join Us In a Focus Group

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The COPD Foundation is hosting a series of focus groups by phone, online, and in person to discuss chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obstructive sleep apnea and overlap syndrome. We would like to receive feedback from individuals on their therapy and disease management; more specifically, the goal of the focus groups is to outline common treatment barriers. By participating in a focus group you can help us shape future research and potentially influence future treatment options! There will be 4-10 people in each focus group.

Phone and online focus group will last approximately one hour. In person focus groups will last up to two hours. All participants will be compensated for their time.

If you or a family member or friend is living with obstructive pulmonary disease, obstructive sleep apnea or overlap syndrome please call a member of the COPD Foundation team at (866-731-2673 Ext. 210) or email at to learn more and sign up for one of the focus groups that will take place later this year!

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What are COPD Comorbidities?

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This blog post was written by Dr. Byron Thomashow.

Comorbidities, or other chronic medical conditions, can include cardiac disease, osteoperosis and muscle weakness – all common for individuals with COPD.

Many people have comorbid conditions but we don’t know why people develop these problems. We don’t understand why these things are common in people with COPD.

The importance of these comorbid conditions in COPD is becoming increasingly clear.

“Dr. Byron Thomashow If one looks at the cause of death in COPD, most of these deaths appear to be related to cardiovascular disease, malignancy, and pneumonias. The majority of COPD patients are dying with their COPD not directly from their COPD.

Likewise, comorbidities are a common cause, or a contributing cause, to many COPD related hospitalizations. Comorbid conditions often have a dramatic impact upon the lives of those suffering from this disease.

The greater the number of comorbidities, the greater the shortness of breath. This should not be a surprise. If two patients have similar severity of COPD, but one is in addition suffering from significant arthritis, that patient is going to be more limited. Arthritic complaints, sinus disease, cardiovascular conditions, depression were among the more common conditions reported.

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