Staff & Volunteers

Craig Kephart, Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 213
Shekinah Stevens, Executive Assistant to the CEO
Ext. 451
Sara Latham, Executive Vice President, Global Engagement, Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 395
Randel Plant, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Ext. 252

Communications & Marketing

Fabiana Beltran, Director of Communications & Community Engagement
Ext. 454
Mitch Ruttner, Advertising Sales Manager
Ext. 458

Community Outreach

Bill Clark, Sr. Director of Outreach Programs
Ext. 308
Linda Walsh, C.O.P.D. Information Line
1.866.316.COPD (2673)

Corporate Partnerships and Development

Kip Adams, Executive Vice President, Chief Relations Officer
Ext. 307
LaShawn Cook, Philanthropic Services Specialist
Ext. 200
Jennifer Larsen, Director of Development
Ext. 456

Education, Care Delivery & Population Health

Bret Denning, Grant Writer
Ext. 201
Jane Martin, Assistant Director of Education
Ext. 437
Kristen Willard, Vice President of Population Health and Care Delivery
ext. 234

Public Policy & Outcomes

Jamie Sullivan, Sr. Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Ext. 455
Stephanie Williams, Director of Community Programs and Volunteer Management
ext 294


Elisha Malanga, Executive Vice President, Chief Research Officer
Ext. 309
Cathy Carlomagno, Managing Editor, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Journal of the COPD Foundation
Ext. 453
Debbie Merrill, Vice President of the COPD Biomarkers Qualification Consortium
Ext. 410
Delia Prieto, Director of Research
Ext. 272
Cara Pasquale, Director of COPD Patient Powered Research Network
Ext. 312
Elizabeth Benkert, Director of Reliance and O2Verlap
Ext. 210
Gretchen McCreary, Research Coordinator
Ext. 396

Operations and Technology

Jason Moury, Vice President of Operations Management
Ext. 228
Sasha Lavin, Director of Operational Finance
Ext. 246
Vincent Malanga, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Ext. 310

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