Staff & Volunteers

Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, President
Ext. 528
Craig Kephart, Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 213
Robert C. Barrett, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 229
Sara Latham, Associate Executive Director, Community & Professional Relations
Ext. 395
Randel Plant, Associate Executive Director of Operations
Ext. 252

Communications & Marketing

Fabiana Beltran, Director of Communications & Community Outreach
Ext. 454
Mitch Ruttner, Advertising Sales Manager
Ext. 458

Community Outreach

Bill Clark, Sr. Director of Outreach Programs
Ext. 308
Linda Walsh, C.O.P.D. Information Line
1.866.316.COPD (2673)


Kevin Moran, Associate Executive Director of Development
Ext. 256
Janina Kowalski, Associate Director of Development
Ext. 231
Spencer Hibnick, Gift Processing Specialist
Ext. 266
Stephanie Williams, Community Programs Manager
ext 294


Scott Cerreta, Director of Education
Ext. 443
Jane Martin, Associate Director of Education
Ext. 437

Public Policy & Advocacy

Deborah McGowan, Senior Director of Health Outcomes
Ext. 215
Kristen Willard, Director of Health Outcomes
ext. 234
Jamie Sullivan, Sr. Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Ext. 455
Aimee Bulthuis, Advocacy Consultant
Ext. 459


Elisha Malanga, Associate Executive Director of Research 
Ext. 309
Cathy Carlomagno, Managing Editor, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Journal of the COPD Foundation
Ext. 453
Debbie Merrill, Senior Director of the COPD Biomarkers Qualification Consortium
Ext. 410
Delia Prieto, Assistant Director of Research
Ext. 272
Cara Pasquale, Assistant Director of Public Policy and Outcomes 
Ext. 312
Gretchen McCreary, Research Coordinator
Ext. 396

Operations Support

Jason Moury, Senior Director of Program Development and Operations
Ext. 228
Patrick M. Lunn, Controller
Ext. 249
Sasha Lavin, Financial Operations and Strategic Planning Manager
Ext. 246
Monica M. Wahler, Director of Human Resources
Ext. 247
Michael Bolanos, IT Manager
Ext. 260
Jasper Koenig, IT Support Specialist
Ext. 257
Vincent Malanga, Chief Information Officer
Ext. 310

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